Marché Moret-A Bit Of Peace

Sneaking away from “the cave”, whether for work or play, is sometimes tricky while balancing a family life, including a small human child, a large furry family member (a horse), a small furry family member (a three-legged cat), and a medium family member (a rescued greyhound).

Life in Cádiz, a city of almost 150,000 people, can be a bit stifling for a foreigner that has lived in places like Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro or Lima, which makes said sneaking away absolutely necessary. This month, the destination was a small town outside of Paris, Marché Moret, to visit a dear, dear friend.

The pace of life was brought down a few notches, no work was even thought of, cheese, wine and fruit were abundant, and in the absence of the need for an alarm clock, the only sound in the early morning was that of birds singing. Pure bliss and so necessary.

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